30 August 2014




There’s a very good reason I only had a 24-minute workout this morning: I made an average of 8min/km over 3km! This was what I tried and failed to do over 2km last weekend. What happened was I went out and by the 1mile split I was at 8min 06, and I just thought, if I push this I can do it, that’s so close! Also what I find when running is the first half I’ll be comfortable around the 145bpm mark, but later on I’ll feel the same level of comfort (if you can call it that) in the 160s – the C/V effort naturally increases as the run progresses. At 2km I was still at 8:06/km, I really had to fight over that last km as I had two roads to cross as well which can hold things up, it was HARD work, my HR peaked at 189, but I DID IT. And I felt so great about myself. This is also 7 weeks of daily workouts done, and nothing could bring me down. So super!

“The Gift” is a book I finished reading last night – when I couldn’t sleep – and I did find it instructive. It’s a fascinating read, if a little dense for me in places, and was good timing for me as I start to face this negotiation with my own artistic gifts and the value (if any) I’m prepared to trade them for. This coming to terms with how to honour my creativity in my life and balancing time against money and purity is one process, alongside my spiritual one and various other things I need to make practical and principled decisions about.

Then I went out for waffles for a (very) late lunch with S, which meant I didn’t have to spend the whole day alone. I’ve had social stuff on every day this week! I can’t even really keep track of it any more (it used to be a goal but now my goal is to try and ensure I’m being real and authentic in all my interactions).


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