2 September 2014


Sunny September morning in the City…

Today was another bizarre day! So goes life when I am not (literally) hiding under the duvet, coughing. How much life can change in a single day; but when it goes on changing day after day after day – I wonder sometimes how I can keep up. This blog helps.

– still getting used to the prospect of interviewing next week. Especially in the cold light of morning back on the job with all its banal frustrations! Trying to work through routine stuff and extra troublesome stuff and retain some respect for my “superiors”.
– reading Dostoyevsky on the train
– a nice 1.3k swim in a practically empty pool with the sunshine streaming in. Those moments are so good.

Then! During the course of the morning mailing with my best work friend, she’s going home for a long weekend, I invite myself along, and WHAM. All of a sudden we’ve both booked flights to Milan! Where did that come from?! When did I get so free?! I haven’t been abroad for three years or travelled in Europe for six, never been to Italy, not been away with a friend for even longer than that, never woken up one morning and booked an unexpected trip by coffeetime – the stars just aligned and I knew it was the right thing…

And then after all that, getting to spend a couple of quality hours with one of my very closest friends – it never ceases to amaze me how previous that time is.

This feels MUCH more like the real me now…


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