4 September 2014


In an attempt to swot up for Tuesday’s interview… Plus some frivolous postcard loveliness to balance out the seriousness! These two are my go-to when I want to get an overview of the world and feel vaguely informed and grown up. Is this really me? Should I be changing my habits to try and swing a job I’m not sure I can do or have the commitment skills or brainpower for?? Well it can be me for a couple of extra hours this week, is my answer.

Glad I started researching today; got a list of things to look at tomorrow:
* GAAP, various countries’ plus new changes (can A give me a run through?)
* budget and tax impact for this and next year
* subsidiary list of personal tax terms and issues
* recent Japanese politics, economic policy etc.
* own list of job skills (woefully inadequate but can I sell it?! I can learn as quickly as the next person!) and desires (oh so many)
* some Japanese vocab if possible
* make notes as I go and think up intelligent things to (a) say and (b) ask

This is an interesting little project for this week – I am genuinely interested in how much I can learn and broaden my mind, and there’s not really any pressure. I am having a horrific week at my current job though, I think that’s probably partly because I need to justify wanting to leave, to myself, just to get me through this interview (though my boss and his cohorts can carry some of the blame too!) It’s really thrown into light how little I can do at my current job, even when I make proposals it takes weeks for anyone to follow up on them, and there’s a ceiling (about half an inch above my head!) on what I can ever achieve there.

But to be fair, it’s me who’s changed, I want more and fair enough, if the time has come, no point staying somewhere that now makes me miserable and crying for it to be better. Probably need to stop taking it out on other people!


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