7 September 2014


Well I missed yesterday (having done nothing worthwhile whatsoever! Besides rest and mostly recover from the last of this cold) and almost today too but given that I’m still awake I am still counting it as Sunday.

Today I actually DID do some worthwhile stuff, hurrah!:

– researched Japanese politics for Tuesday’s interview (very unlikely I’ll get quizzed on this but it was on my list and I forgot). There was a great article in Foreign Affairs outlining the main issues which was a major score. Trying to roughly cover my bases.

– went for 28min of running, first half was 8:25 splits that’s not too disastrous. I am finding it really hard at the moment (query: ‘flu?) So just grateful to be out on the road at all. Did some food shopping on the way back which was pretty essential!

– practised up some songs I’d been trying to prepare for this week

– went to folk&blues club and had an absolute whale of a time! I did a duet on How’s the world treating you? with D which is something we’d talked about a couple of weeks ago – so glad he remembered! I sang Joni Mitchell’s Urge For Going and then taught them the chorus to one of my new songs – that was really good fun and the first time I’d ever done anything like that, but I took to it well and they were good sports about it! Then got to sing on someone else’s version of You’ve Got A Friend after a quick bit of impromptu rehearsing outside – that was wicked. I definitely sing better when I don’t have to play as well. Must work on that.

It was an incredibly good and fulfilling night for socialising too. Singing duets with other musicians is like nothing else – the connection. It was less crowded tonight than previous times I’ve been and I managed to talk to / sit with a whole load of people whose names I now know!! And I think most people there know who I am by now. There was a lot of phone number/email sharing tonight for some reason. And I walked home with two ladies who were going halfway my way, and we talked on the road, which was sweet. My favourite people from before weren’t there but I reckon I know 15 or so of the regulars now. Music just bonds people so much.

– oh oh and [edit!] I wrote a song when I got home! One I started Thursday night. All done and ready to go!


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