9 September 2014



Interview day is DONE! Hurrah. These things do just seem to rule my life into they’re over. It was a good experience, nice people to talk to, smart and funny and a good chat about all the best of the things I’ve done in my professional life, which is no bad thing. I was really nervous about what to expect as it would be a move in sectors for me and I know there are limits to my experience in that respect, but they seemed open to discussion and one in particular came across as determined to see the best in me which boosted my confidence. I think we’re a good fit but maybe not in the immediate-term, and that’s OK; I knew that was the score and that’s the flip-side of having a more formal interview.

I was feeling quietly sick beforehand and haven’t had the easiest of weeks preparing but I knew once I got there it was going to be OK. It’s so much worse in my head and I think this is one of the things I would really like to conquer – nerves are one thing if you use them well, but having such an unnecessarily and disproportionately negative view of myself is getting me down; I definitely need to work harder to bridge that gap, and I’d definitely be happier if I could do so. This is ongoing work, but it was nice to go with an open mind, hoping to be accepted, and to show (and be shown) which elements of my character and skills are most valuable. Maybe I need to go for more interviews in an effort to build my self-esteem? It was a challenge to hold it together in the run-up but it went well and – as always when I push my comfort zone – I came away from the experience with the reward of seeing myself in a different light.

Speaking of light, the photos are from my run at first-light this morning – another consequence of preparing for interview as I didn’t want to drag wet swim kit to the interview! I’m so glad that life can go back to normal and I can get back to MY agenda and not just aspiring to what I think someone else’s might be – a lesson for next time perhaps, to stay true to myself and not worry too much about sending a week trying to prepare to potentially be someone else. But then I have stretched myself somewhat, and that was good.


2 thoughts on “9 September 2014

  1. Glad to hear you had such a good experience at the interview! I think a big part of being happy in a job is feeling valued.

    • Thanks! Yeah i definitely came away from it feeling like I’d look forward to going to work with them!

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