12 September 2014

Aaaaand I’m on holiday! At last. I’ve not had a full week off yet this year and I can tell these next 10 days are gonna be just great.

We had a network outage at work that killed any chance of working for most of the day, so I got to finish up my textbook by lunchtime and then do some mind-mapping and read ahead on other stuff. I haven’t finished the notes, but I’m one down, two to go.

I had my second French conversation lesson at lunchtime, which was awesome – we always have so much to talk about and she says she doesn’t think I’m that slow at all – but it’s funny for me because obviously I know what native feels like, but I also know what non-native fluency feels like and the knowledge that you can speak at normal speed just using the vocabulary you have available to somehow get the point across, even if you don’t have the exact word you need at your disposal. I’m nowhere near that point with French but it’s cool to be able to tell the difference and I will know when I do get there how much progress I’ve made. If we continue to meet every other week (and I prep in between) I wonder how long it’ll take? We started at the very end of August. If I can do it with French, could I activate my other languages in the same way?! Excitement. And I’m making friends with someone who is really cool and a great role model for me in the process. People are awesome.

I met up with a friend after work for notebook shopping and sushi, to kick off my holiday right. I guess it is cool to know what’s what with sushi and to be able to order the good stuff in Japanese and chat with the chef and know the customs. I don’t consider myself very cool or very current but I guess at least 90% of whatever coolness I do have comes from having lived in Japan, which happened totally by accident. What can you do? It’s great really.

I was hoping to have some cool sushi pics for you but I was too busy eating and by the time I finished all I would’ve had would have been an embarrassing picture of all the many empty plates 😉


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