13 September 2014








Hyde Park today. Really so spoilt with the parks in London and not sure what I’d do without it.

What I’ve learnt in a year (besides a whole lot about music and performing) is simply this: when you meet someone new there’s absolutely no telling how it’s going to go. There’s no reason in particular someone wouldn’t like you – so it’s OK to be yourself and see what happens. You’re unique, and have as much to give as the next person.

I may not have done everything I planned to in a year, but if I had the chance over again I would go into that day quietly confident and I would give it the best I could. I would go openly, know my boundaries and not make any assumptions. Long gone, the trepidation, uncertainty, the exclusively taking the lead from other people. I feel that change and it’s the difference between an empty shell of a life ruled by anxiety, and a life completely mine – not perfect, but delightful. That change is everything.


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