15 September 2014




Today was a random day of getting odd stuff done; a strange mixture of random chores and total relaxation.

* I did a spot of cleaning first thing on a whim – woke up feeling so much better than yesterday and just wanted to do something productive.
* took my old macbook to the Mac fixers (an adventure in itself) – they cant fix it as apple no longer makes the parts (thanks) so I’m looking at a grand for a new one. At some point in the future. The very distant future. (This however confirmed to me that getting the album recorded at studios and edited by someone who knows what they’re doing is now not only the quality option but the most affordable in the short-term, and saves me time. Defer to those with the expertise you lack.)
* went by bus to the big pool and had a decent swim (still feeling weak and under-par though)
* train into London and did some writing and wrote up some lyrics on the way
* tube to Covent Garden and a trip to the bead shop – I have an idea for some earrings I’d like to make as a gift to take for E’s mum who is putting me up next month in Italy
* wander around the area and pay a visit to the French café pictured above: quaint, quirky, excellent cake and very strong coffee. Sat and watched people go about their business – so relaxing. One of those brilliant London moments. * hang out in Foyles bookshop for ages, oggling all the foreign language books and eventually buying a neuroscience textbook to continue my brain studies! Also bought an Economist from another place, after having quite enjoyed it last week. Or the week before.
* went birthday present shopping (but came up empty)
* had a snack and a coffee in another little café near Oxford Circus
* went for low-key karaoke with a friend – two hours of singing, enough to get me in the holiday mood!

Just a hotch-potch of stuff for a September Monday!


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