23 September 2014


A bit of early dawn sky from this morning. 

Today I made a start on my next accountancy textbook; this one is on strategic management (and I lap this stuff up because it seems that companies are so often like people). The book starts out with the Johnson, Scholes & Wittington definition of Strategy and part of this really stood out: “achieves advantage in a changing environment through its configuration of resources and competences”.

It strikes me that this is exactly what I have been trying to do in my own life – to harness a configuration of my resources and competences (after first recognising them) which will allow me to build a life, in a world ever-changing, where I have the advantage of… I guess, happiness and fulfilment on my own terms. Unique happiness and fulfilment – that are uniquely available and agreeable to me with my characteristics. To thrive, in other words.

I’m not really dwelling on things too much at the moment. I know that to really thrive and be able to start doing things that really excite me and feel worth doing, I have such huge changes to make and it feels like they can’t come fast enough – there must, however, be something to learn from the journey, the day-in day-out trying to make decisions and actions that are necessary for those far-off end-goals. I am sticking to not eating between meals. I took my own breakfast and saved a load of money, so there’s positive congruence there. And other than that, just trying to get on with things:

  •  various presents and small necessities collected, bought or organised
  • small bike workout done
  • another FA article
  • started this week’s Economist & checked through last week’s for salient points for exams
  • Wrote a Japanese post for lang-8 and drafted the postcard (will await corrections) – that was a big job done
  • French reading & vocab
  • Got through another big chunk of my novel
  • Did some song editing

Plus also real work/study and normal daily stuff and socialising and quite a bit of relaxing too. Not worrying about sleep too much and just getting on with nice things, enjoying the richness of life.


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