24 September 2014 (WOYWW)



Couldn’t resist doing a What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday this week since my studio looks like THIS (has done for some time) AND it is actually Wednesday today! Wonder of all wonders. This place is ridiculous – and this is after having moved all my papercrafting/scrapping stuff to the living room! I’m making earrings as you can see. And also recording songs and, apparently, gathering notebooks. Nothing ever changes there then.

Things I’ve done today (I really need to go to bed and read which I promised myself I would do two hours ago!)

  • Started reading the new Economist
  • Did a load of study during the day
  • Made two incredibly cute tinycards, one is a farewell for a colleague who leaves tomorrow (sob!) it has a “memories” sticker and I printed a tiny photo of us that fit just inside… it was a glorious triumph of sentimental stationeryism.
  • Cut photos for scrapbook (and then I will be UP TO DATE!)
  • played songs for a while

I really am going to read now… night!


5 thoughts on “24 September 2014 (WOYWW)

  1. Great to see your busy desk – wow what did it look like with papercrafting stash on it too ! Thought mine was busy ! Ali #10

    • Thanks! I should post pics of both as a pair! I looked at some of the other desks after I linked and was like WOAH.

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