25 September 2014



Morning sunrise and possibly the world’s tastiest ever doughnut for breakfast!

Today was a bit of an unusual day. Quite a “people day”. A couple of things I’ve been thinking:

– my eating is getting a bit silly again (doughnut was totally awesome though!) I am tired and busy and dealing with a lot of strong emotions, feeling unsettled about work and some of my relationships, feeling frustrated in some ways. When I notice it I’m often able to control it, but I could be several portions in by then. Hopefully I can reset tomorrow and into the weekend. Either that or get so busy I forget about food again but then – it has to be the right kind of busy, not stuff I hate to do. Overall I wish I could just forget about it, programme myself to eat a healthy amount and just get on with life because there is not enough time and so much to do!!

– I’ve been thinking a lot about my language goals, partly because of my new-found confidence and partly because of how they relate to my long-term career goals. I’m SUPER happy that French conversation is happening and we seem to be falling into an easy every-other-week rhythm. That’s (1). (2) is that I’m now reading French more and also writing little bits in emails, most days. LOVE. (3) as we’ve been discussing the past couple of days is that at work I am speaking some informal Japanese everyday, so I’m not losing any. That’s been the case for a while and I am so grateful. (4) I am trying to get more into writing – I have letters to work on and lang-8 is there so no reason not to do this whenever I can find the time. (5) I had a GREAT conversation today about learning more formal Japanese for interviews and presentations and agreed a fluid exchange with someone at work who wants to learn business English and presentation skills in return. (6) I could do with doing more reading and am surrounded by stuff – find a way! (7) want to be working on kanji again regularly.

I definitely don’t need to be doing everything everyday to improve my languages but some clear structure, methods that fit into my lifestyle, and clear long-term goals (what do I want to be able to DO with them?) are crucial. I’m getting there, though I know “there” doesn’t exist and once I have these 7 things down there will be ten things and then twenty so… It’s life, it’s a process; I can do it so I will.

Other things today were:
* some more Economist
* I had a great song idea at lunch time
* I did some work study though not as much as I hoped in order to meet my ultimate goal
* I reconnected with… At least 7 people, 1 remote friend and 6 of my best colleagues, not including the two who left today.


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