26 September 2014




Life is full. Full of great people, great experiences (see that sushi up there?!), great opportunities, and a great number of things to learn.

So full, I am having trouble sleeping (again). Obviously this wasn’t a problem when I was having my napping pattern last week (!) but since I’ve been back at work getting myself to settle in the evening has been a long and torturous process – though not quite as torturous as trying to get up in the morning!

I read somewhere earlier this year that your body will always make sure you get the minimum amount of sleep necessary; so if you can’t fall asleep it’s not the end of the world. Learning to operate efficiently enough when you feel a bit crap (moods aside) is just one of those things in life, we’ve all been there – school, exams, babies, etc.

I am trying to take it as a sign that I am happy to have so much going on in my life and so much to be awake for and enjoy; I suppose it’ll come good given the chance. I am suffering a little, physically, and possibly not making as good decisions, but mostly I just need to find something better to get me up in the morning on the four days when I have to get up by a certain time because I have to get to work (and do a load of other things beforehand). I did also promise myself I would learn how to relax and practise doing so more. The weekend is here so I am going to do that!

Today I’ve added a new physical element to the curriculum in the form of kanji test cards! I used to use these a couple of years ago – this set of 49 is the entire block of Japanese school kanji grades 10-3, which only leaves sub-2 to learn to get fluent. It’s a good comprehensive way to test the whole lot. I printed the cards up to A5 and then folded the answers over and stuck them down with washi tape – it only takes a couple of minutes to do a card so I’m hoping having these handy in the study zone will encourage me to pick them up and do a few in a spare moment – or dedicate a 20minute session to it.

I was grateful to have the afternoon off today to spend with friends (such a lovely chilled-out time!) and then unexpectedly have had the place to myself this evening. I made a start on work on the song idea I had yesterday, got through the main bits of the Economist (which means no forced reading over the weekend yeah!) played the piano and made these cards. I am getting quite tired now so: back to bed for some reading and relaxing! I have a massive list of things I would like to do and it feels like things are starting to come together.


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