28 September 2014




Today was MUCH better. After a lie-in and breakfast in bed, we picked up some coffee and went for a stroll in the park, sitting and drinking our lattes as we wandered around. It’s been really warm for September and it was a beautiful day. One of those scenes I have often longed for – you’d think it would be easy but no-one can suddenly make HH like coffee, which he now says he does! We talked about our dreams and plans and watched the leaves fall.

Then we went shopping (again!) and came home for lunch and then I did a bit if music practice while HH got ready for work and after he left and then went to Sunday Singers’ night and sang Fields of Gold and two of my own songs. Got some great feedback including one person asking if I had a CD they could buy (!!) and the prospect of getting my own showcase there. That’s my 11th time playing live and I did think it would make a difference in how I feel to do 12 – it seems like it will. I’m almost ready to start going for my own gigs and that with the prospect of recording really would be a dream come true…


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