30 September 2014




A good day; woke up (as planned) half an hour before the alarm and did a bike workout, had a shower and breakfast at home, then got into London while it was still cheap and had coffee for a while -read and corrected some English on lang-8. Busy but manageable day at work, study done, an hour of music at home and the first verse of the song edited. Reunited with special people.

Write a journal of your inner monologue, he says. If only he knew! But this is different. This is not about perpetuating the voices of the past, but extrapolating this new language of action, the constant doing, distilling it into language for the first time and being honest about what I dream of. Even if the dreams are bigger than I’ll ever be.

We all have to find ways to honour our unique selves, in the end. 


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