3 October 2014


Gorgeous dawn sky this morning.

Today started really well; after doing my mindfulness challenge last night I awoke full of excitement about things ahead: the Italy trip, the upcoming recording. I’d initiated a lunch date that brought together three of my favourite work friends as a group for the first time – there was a share of birching and moaning but it was a really comfortable group actually, now I think back on it. Work was hard, again – but again, even in these pressurised times, I haven’t dropped any of the balls completely and I’ve managed to finish the week with everything that had to be done, clear. So while it seems unfair to be in this position on the one hand, on the other it is a rare chance to prove how well I can cope, and improve some systems as I go, where I wasn’t aware improvements were needed.

Whatever else, it’s the weekend now – free to learn songs, edit recordings, wander outside, and read to my heart’s content.


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