4 October 2014





I stress a lot over these concerns that the way I look at life is so different from other people, that they think I’m weird. But don’t we often revel in each other’s different perspectives on the world? Isn’t that creativity in a nutshell? It’s learning to say: actually, the way you see the world is beautiful, and I want more of that. Don’t be scared to share it.

I was thinking today, if I could boil this year down two ten or so images, which would I choose? Tough call? I probably take between 20 and 50 photos a week just for scrapbooking (special events and holidays aside) and yet some really are significant, things I might have only done once or twice that represented what was happening in my soul on a daily basis.

I mostly stayed in bed today doing a few bits and pieces in between naps. In the end I headed to the park just before six and walked around until it got dark. It was warm when I left home but chilly coming back after dark – and only four weeks until the clocks go back. I really want to make sure this winter that as a minimum I will get outside in the daylight everyday, even at weekends.


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