7 October 2014


The main thing I did on Monday was learning/arranging some slightly happier (?) songs after Sunday night – that took just under two hours and made me feel loads better! That and get up to date on scrapbooking.

This morning started with rain in the dark; it was beating on the roof when the alarm went off and getting up in the dark was tough, but I stretched out to the sound of the rain and it eased before I had to leave the house. Swam in a virtually empty lane, work was quieter than expected although I got no study done. Wrestled with my emotions and my nerves. Went for lunch with the FWP at a popup food festival (might just be doing that each day this week and then we go away!) followed by the perfect cup of coffee.

There’s a lot going on at the moment and I’m glad I kind of dropped all my routines and expectations and have been learning to live day by day, as it would have been stressful trying to do all the things all the days, without the flexibility to allow all these wonderful adventures to take place. It’s fascinating being me this year, I’ll take that. The best reason of all for doing anything is just to express what it is that makes me unique and if I’m doing that, I value myself, and the meaning is there.


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