19 October 2014


Autumn continues!

An interesting couple of days, and fairly packed. Yesterday I stayed home in the morning, did some decent practice, then spent the afternoon in town, chatting to locals, walking in the park, and making enquiries at the local volunteer centre. Today I slept in in the morning, went swimming with a friend and then coffee, another couple of hours’ practice, and folk group in the evening. I picked much better songs than last time and they went down a treat, and the main act was really great this week. It felt like a solid recovery and although I still have nerves and feel reassured to be told it’s good afterwards, I’m enjoying the whole experience so much more now and thinking about what I can do with it.

I was thinking today about how much things have changed from when I used to have one or two social things scheduled a week to now thinking nothing of having two in one day – it’s just nice to be able to do that. I love my crew at the singers’ night and I love being able to squeeze more into each day. Being around people used to be a source of so much anxiety and analysis for me and while I still feel myself “getting into the zone” socially, I enjoy it so much. I’ve learned that there’s basically nothing wrong with me – worth knowing!

Tomorrow I’m checking out a new micro-studio and hoping to get some of my own soogs down satisfactorily. It’s over 13 months since the last time and I really hope I’ve done enough to be able to go in there confidently and get something useable out of it. That first session sparked a massive period of change for me personally and this is just another chapter, but I hope it’ll prove to be a step in the right direction. If it goes well, a lot of things could start to happen quickly.


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