20 October 2014



Recording was actually quite good!! Lovely sunny day and a nice park nearby to blow off steam and nerves in between songs. The studio was a converted garage and it was teeny! But that actually worked to my advantage because I was sat facing away from the engineer and it really felt like I was on my own! So I got quite into it. I got about two hours of confidence and then psyched myself out a bit with how big a project this is for me, all dependent on my own songwriting, playing, singing and emotional delivery. That is brilliant, obviously, but I’m still taking it in. Nevertheless we did get two useable takes done, and a possible third, and did some editing, and it was good for a first day. It’s got potential.

My other issue is that a lot of the material I wrote last year, that I was planning to use, is sadder than I feel at the moment. It seems like a long way to go to get into that space emotionally now and I’m not sure if it’s worth it in some cases – although some I will definitely use. I love the things I’m writing now and I believe the album as a whole will be better for having a good balance of more positive songs. So I need to keep writing… That’s not a massive problem to have though. It can only happen as fast as it’s ready to, but it’s a massive shift to be on the right track at last.


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