26 October 2014







Our clocks went back last night/this morning so I’m enjoying the feeling of having extra time available today. These pictures are from just after 4pm yesterday, I had a lovely walk round the park in the late sunshine and it was a good way to make the most of the last day of light afternoons as now it will start to get dark really early. One of the challenges I set myself this winter is to get outside in the daylight everyday if possible. I’m sure my wellbeing would benefit and I’m trying to think of it as a way to nurture myself rather than a chore. It’s not a problem on workdays as I have to walk from the pool in the morning and it’s always light by then – there’s always the back-up option of a walk at lunchtime too. But weekends I will definitely try to get out for at least a half-hour walk or a trip to the shops, but obviously a walk around the park would be better! My heel pain is back with a vengeance so I’m going to do everything I can to try to heal that and then get back to running as well.

I haven’t posted much this week because to be honest there has been so much going on and I’ve been having trouble grabbing hold of one topic for long enough to write about it succinctly. It’s bizarre because I am taking real strides towards the life changes I’ve been wanting to make for ages, but it’s hard to describe how the ability to make those changes now is a result of emotional progress and a kind of personality-stability that involves all kinds of developments around confidence, opening up to the love around me and expressing my own love for people better in person while realising the value within myself and the power of doing things that I love. Through these developments I have been finding myself in a greater range of situations and interactions with other people that have been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for me – and I guess I would like that to be the focus of my writing, those encounters and their significance, the stories and also what they mean in terms of steps taken towards my life, career and development goals. This year is changing me so much in exactly the direction I want to be going, and I have the benefit of exactly the right support, and it’s so powerful.

Anyway, for now I will leave you with trees. There are 22 weeks until we move back into BST and it’s a great period to track goals that breach the gap between one year and the next. Winter means hibernation, germination, and doing the hard invisible work of growing and changing beneath the surface. This same period last year held some of my brightest and some of my darkest days, so my hope for this year is to hold on to the light consistently until spring – on that note it’s probably time for a walk!!


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