27 October 2014


All the lights…

So as to not get any further behind… Here is a quick bit of a music update. Over the past week my musical life has just exploded!

– first off I’m really pleased with where my own writing is at. I love the style and the positivity and the comfort in these latest songs and I feel pretty good singing them which is a performing thing as much as anything else I’ve been doing.
– need to get this material recorded and put a CD together. It’ll just be a simple tale of me and my guitar but it’s a project long in-progress and I’ve been getting requests for CDs and told that it’s a good idea. Got studio no. 2 trial a week today. Gotta get this together and get the artwork and just get some made. This is key.
– the plan then is to hopefully start touring local folk clubs, which means my folk playing needs to be better. I’m never going to have the time (at this rate) to be an awesome folk guitarist and my skills are very limited but there are a couple of styles I would like to master. I also (not having any folk background at all) have very little exposure so I am just catching up and there is some truly beautiful stuff out there – I am a little overwhelmed but there are so many songs I’d like to learn! This is crucial for touring as I need a mix of well-known covers that will go down well with traditionalists.
– I also need some mainstream covers for other gigs I’d like to do. I have a couple of Stonkers where I’ve put my own twist on and they work really well – but song choice is really hard, getting just the right song that I can put it into my style and get it to work easily. This is so time consuming!
– I’m playing pretty much every week, twice this week – so it’s inevitable that my nerves will keep getting more and more manageable.
– I’ve got a bunch of potential collaborations in the mix – from odd songs here and there, to a ready-made band that’s local, and the guy I recorded with last week has a project he needs a female vocalist for. Don’t know where these will fit in time-wise but they’re fun to do!

Basically it’s complete music mania here! I’m making so many connections with other musicians and my life is much richer for it – and if I’m not learning new techniques or songs then I’m working on writing my own stuff. So much to do!


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