17 November 2014








Mid-November here and it’s still feeling more like autumn than winter.

These pictures are from a RUN, yes an actual proper three-lap run of the park this morning! My foot is paying for it but it felt so SO good at the time! I went up there yesterday and there were people running and I just thought… It’s been too long, I wanna be doing that again.

Two sessions in to the recording for the album. The first one was mostly finding my feet but the second one today, it felt like we really made progress, got some final takes I hope (will listen to them in the morning!) and we started looking at editing options and this guy’s work is so delicate and painstakingly beautiful: it sounds pretty amazing to me. So I feel happier that we are more on track now and I know what to do to get myself into the right mindset in future. Long way to go and a lot of decisions ahead but I’m excited!

I’m aware that I’m not expressing myself creatively as many ways as I was, but this is important work and it takes focus – and it won’t be long before I can get back to everything else, so I’m just trying to enjoy the moment and the opportunity for all it’s worth!


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