13 December 2014




The cake collection!

Sorry little blog, I have been neglecting you! I had gotten into a really good rhythm over the summer and autumn posting things I’d seen and made on a daily basis.

The good news is, I have a really GREAT reason for having been remiss with postings: since the beginning of November I’ve been in the studio recording my album! This is by far the biggest creative project of all, a life-long dream come true, a voyage of discovery, and a totally consuming process, but we are almost there (one more session of recording and probably two of mixing) and it’s actually, finally happening! I have a load to write about that, it’s been such an experience – very very intense for me, and incredibly uplifting and transformative.

For now, though, as we get towards Christmas, I find I am making things everyday and wanted to just post what’s going on here. This was my mum’s birthday cake, made in my new auto-eject slightly smaller cake tin, with cream cheese and cocoa icing and chocolate buttons! The cake didn’t rise as much as I’d hoped but the half batch was more than enough for us and the timing was perfect – it was so soft and spongy, and a great gooey sweet mouthful with the cream cheese.

I have loads of other stuff in the works, different sets of Christmas cards (remember those tiny envelopes from months ago?!), a load more things on my “to bake” and “to ice” lists, and I have kept up my weekly scrapbook all year which is such a delight – all those mini moments I would have just forgotten otherwise and so many pretty papers!
And, well, an entire album of songs.


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