21 December 2014





Friday’s cake covering at various stages, and tonight’s gingerbread. I’ve never covered a cake (not my own cake mind) with marzipan and icing before but it was great fun and came out quite nicely. The gingerbread was also quite yummy, another batch of that is on the cards, along with some more biscuits and some little cheese pastry stars!

I’ve not been massively well but having a couple of days to take things easy, read and recuperate has felt quite luxurious this close to Christmas. I’m feeling pretty chilled about it now.

I’ve started thinking about things for next year – making lists of practicalities to help stay on track more simply. People are starting to talk about the album and, while I can still take things at my own pace, I’m going to want to make the most of the opportunities I get and things are going to be busy.

I also have a load of things I have to do before I get there and with my main holiday coming up, want a good balance of time out and productive music prep. First thing I need to do is get better,  that would be good progress for this weekend!


2 thoughts on “21 December 2014

    • Me too!!! They were a Christmas present from a very dedicated friend who I gather had to have them imported from goodness knows where!! I can’t wait to make even MORE cookies!

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