26 December 2014




The last of the Christmas baking! Was pretty pleased with my haul this year (but then I was last year too – glad we live in a tradition where there’s SK much to make!)

Today was boxing day and one of my nominated days “off” – I did have a monumental lie-in and an afternoon nap, which I cut short as I remembered to go out in the light (and the rain, but never mind that) – the only days I’ve missed were the shortest day itself and the day after, though I did get out of the house in the evening both days. It’s funny how right at the end of the afternoon it’ll suddenly hit me that it’s my last chance at daylight until tomorrow and the thought of missing it suddenly makes me sad, so out I go. It was raining but I got a coffee and went to the park anyway.


Before that I did a big job that has needed doing for ages: pulled out the bed, hoovered underneath, and cleared the bit of mildew that forms on the wall behind. I had begun to notice the smell and it’s not an easy job but very satisfying – we can sleep in peace now! I’m not specifically planning on a load of spring cleaning during the holidays but it feels good to take on a challenge each day.

Talking of challenges, this hit me at 4:30 this morning as the direction I need to take with preparing for gigs next year:


It may well be a year-long endeavour but I want to make sure I have enough songs under my belt for every gigging occasion, something in-keeping with every possible audience’s every possible mood. I started out with the 15 songs from the album, plus 10 covers I’m reasonably OK with (they could all use more work though) for my first 25, and came up with the next 25 I’d like to learn quite easily. Getting even that far would be a great achievement for the holiday, particularly since I want to cover a load of styles and learn some new guitar techniques in the process. Today I learned “Blackbird” by the Beatles, which has some wicked guitar parts that I still haven’t perfected, but I gave it a couple of hours and it felt good to apply myself.


Another thing I’d like to solve next year is our meagre range of home menu choices – I want to eat mostly at home and take pride in what I put on the table, if I can do this the nights we’re both in at least, that would be a start. This was broccoli and kale with chilli, garlic, cashews, onion and a little bit of ham in soy sauce.

Interesting day!


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