29 December 2014


It’s all about priorities…

Today’s schedule was a day in the studio mixing the tracks we recorded earlier this month. That’s 10 hours sat behind a pair of speakers trying to eke be technical best out of the takes we got down – far more work for my producer than me, and less stressful than being behind a mic, but still some hardcore concentration and probably the longest time I’ve ever spent on music in one go. I loved it and it feels like it went by really fast!

I feel so alive dealing with music and it really brings it home to me when I commit to a schedule, that it’s so much more important than most of the other stuff I fill my life with. Had I not been getting over this cold, I would have made time for a workout, but as it is – the only other thing I did make time for besides eating and cleaning myself, was 20 minutes for stretching this morning, and a quick grocery stop-off on the way home. There was some time during the day to do some schedule planning and reply to some messages, but nothing more than that.

What’s important, sticks – and I must remember that it’s my right, as well as my responsibility, to make sure I build my life/schedule around what is important to me. Not every day can be a studio day, but there is more that I can do to make sure my priorities really do get prioritised in action.

I just really really enjoyed today, focusing on one obvious thing. You can only take one step at a time, and when the next step is clear, step out with conviction and do a good job – then decide what step to take next.


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