1 January 2015!


Hey guys! Happy New Year! It’s been a low-key one here but I’ve just been really happy and settled, starting the year with a sense of wellness and positivity. I spent most of New Year’s Evening doing a massive clear out in my studio and finishing up last year’s scrapbooks and journals, it was a peaceful time and the way the space is clear now is inspiring me to just get on with what I want to do.

I haven’t yet come up with a magic word for the year, self-actualization is too bulky but the year of ME works as a shortcut! I’m trying to prioritise what’s most important to me this year – today has been a good balance…

* I didn’t go to bed until almost 4 so we slept in until about 2 I think. Got up and out for a walk before it got dark (though it was already quite gloomy) – went to the park and listened through the album, I need to get proper notes done for Sunday and try out a new order – might put that together before bed time
* didn’t work out but did my series of stretches
* listened to some French radio while stretching and will do some reading at bedtime
* did some origami! My aunt got me a page-a-day calendar so that’ll keep me creative, it wasn’t enough but I was late getting up and this is the outcome!
* did vocal warmups and about an hour of gig practice
* had dinner and watched a movie with HH who’s been working for the past week – good to have time to reconnect

That sounds pretty balanced! There are things I didn’t get to but every day is different and as much as anything else we’re just enjoying not setting alarms and not going to work these days!


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