2 January 2015




* Made something today! Thank you cards. Two have gone out, along with a couple of postcards and one errant overseas Christmas parcel! The rest will have to wait until I have more stamps.
* language time done – more French radio while walking around town, replying to a Japanese email, and a few minutes of German with the time that remained, actually found a really interesting article about elections and events around the world this year, that I can come back to.
* did 3h of music – was intending to come back to this and that didn’t happen but I’m glad I’ve done what I have. May do album notes later if I can’t sleep.
* did stretches and had a bath!
* went back to the gym, and had a decent mixed cardio workout. There are so many different options there, it’s very motivating! I’m definitely out of condition but that’ll fix itself if I stick it out for a month or so – it was a struggle but definitely the right thing to go. I was reminded of what I read the other day about how being prepared to suffer a little can allow us to achieve much more. I’ve been trying to figure out why that gym/swim time is so nurturing and I think it’s to do with how all my emotions spend all day fighting it out for my attention, fighting to get into words, and when I’m working out the only feeling I need to be conscious of is that I’m doing something positive for myself, and showing how strong I can be. I can think about whatever I like but that’s the emotional context.
* I’ve been thinking that “wholehearted” might be a good word for me for this year. I’m trying to take life one day at a time and throw myself into things! 


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