3 January 2015

Can’t believe that three days of the new year have already gone – and only two more days before work starts getting in the way! (Fingers crossed I can be in a different line of work for the start of next year.) Time is really so fast at the moment, I’ve been getting stuff done just about but it seems like there’s only just enough time and everything is a massive rush. Today was our last day at home together for a while so we went out for lunch and took some time out (only a couple of hours though) in the evening.

* I woke up and did some artwork prep for the album that’s been on my mind. It’s not finished and I’m a bit stumped with it but I did get a fair way in the time.
* I did about an hour and a half of song practice, but crucially worked out the next three songs I’ve been wanting to learn, and learned one new strumming style, and most of the lyrics. Always meaning to do more here.
* I did get mixing notes done for the album, not in detail but high level stuff across all the tracks and more than enough for tomorrow
* I did a strength workout and the cardio warmups/downs that go with it – also tried out a new machine and made notes on all the settings for everything
* not done much creative by hand although I did today’s origami and the artwork would count here
* not done any language time so that means my bedtime reading is French by default!
* I had yet another bath 😉 I think half the time when I’m on “holiday mode” goes on bathing, getting my fill of sleep, and long leisurely breakfasts!

So the important stuff is getting done somehow but I’m finding myself faffing a lot over decisions and timings and orders of things. Going to the gym and really loving the strength work and wanting to make this year one of total physical transformation – not just losing weight but getting in proper shape, shredding it with some serious weights etc. – that is something I am looking forward to and want to prioritise, but the practicalities of that alongside work and gigging – some other stuff is going to have to be phased out and I’m not sure what will turn out to be expendable because right now everything seems equally important! It’s a reluctance to prioritise.
The realities are:
* to strength train 3 times a week I need to make sure of going to the gym on a Saturday and a Monday for starters – should be able to arrange that around most things as it’s open 24/7 and on the way to the station, even if I’m out for the day.
* In order to avoid consecutive strength days, I need to get to the gym once during the week, on a Wednesday or Thursday. Probably before work, then straight to work, but if I’m gigging in the evening I can come home to shower before work then go in slightly later with guitar – that makes sense.
* I can’t really workout or swim and then go straight to work and then to a gig – it’s too much kit and hassle at the moment (might not be a bad idea to look for gigs with a band or guitarist or a house guitar to play?) So if I’m gigging on a workday I have two choices: super early gym and home to swap kit then work late, or swim/gym/early work then come home to pick up guitar afterwards – only makes sense to do that if the gig is not in London.

It’s only once a week though (my aim is to gig one workday a week and once at the weekend) and looking at it now, it makes sense to do the strength workout on the gig day. The other three days will be normal – probably a little taken up with prep and laundry! I will make it my goal in the short term to get used to that mid-week gym-work-gig pattern for starters.

The other thing I’m slightly baffled about is how our home life is going to accommodate these changes. Getting HH used to me being at gigs or the gym is one thing, but I find it really hard to ring-fence rehearsal time when we’re both at home, and rehearsal time will be crucial too – I depend far too much on him working on my days off and find myself hoping he gets offered overtime, which feels a bit mean. In time I guess he may come to recognise that it’s important too but our time together is also important. I guess as a starter I will make sure to treat days I’m off and he’s working as working-music days and look to get in 6-7 hours of practice, see if that can tide me over for now. And maybe look into finding somewhere else I could go to play for a couple of hours occasionally.

Writing this has given me a chance to think it through properly for the first time at least! I really love working out and gigging so need to build life around those things and be determined.


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