4 January 2015

Busy day and the start of things for real here at Moose HQ!

* woke up deliberately early so I’d have time to go to the gym – got to make the most of these days as I probably won’t be doing just cardio there until the next string of holidays
* three hours of vocal warmups and song practice – for small change really but it got me enough songs for tonight’s set, one gig at a time
* five hours of mixing time at the studio – we look due to finish the mixing THIS WEEK omg omg omg
* straight from studio to gig – a very sparsely populated usual Sunday night at the local club but a nice way to start the year, played three songs for the first time plus my favourite one of mine, got into the moment, and closed out the night. One down for the year!

It’s all happening and I feel a bit like tumbleweed just doing the next thing: learning the next song or doing the next bit of work on the album: crucial times, trying to use the time as well as possible. Hoping for some sleep now…


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