6 January 2015


Survived the first day back at work! This was the scene when I left around 4.30pm – still light, which it definitely wasn’t two weeks ago at this time. When I left home just after 6am it was still dark but the birds were already singing – it certainly feels like spring is getting closer, and more like a day at the end of February than the first day back after winter break.

Stretched, swam and walked to work – body plan goes ahead and it’s reasonably easy being back in the swing of a routine I can walk blindfold. I haven’t suffered too much for working on 5 hours’ sleep which leads me to believe it’s relaxation time rather than actual sleep, or the quality of the time spent awake rather than the amount of time spent asleep, that dictates my energy levels.

Had a decent day at work and even got in a little study, took time to talk to people after the break and reconnected with a couple of crucial people – noticed that I felt calmer and more confident as a result. Had a couple of good conversations about the album and what this process really means to me and doing so has strengthened my belief that I can get it done this week.

After work I listened to the mixes on the way home and made some notes, thinki have made some decisions about track order as well so that’s a relief. I did vocal warmups and then practised for an hour and firmed up my selection for Wednesday’s set, then worked on artwork for about 40min – I am 4/15 through one section and (more importantly!) know what I’m doing! I haven’t made anything or done proper language time but I did reply to a Japanese email.

And that was the day done! I’m focused on tomorrow’s gig now and after that I can have a couple of days with a little more sleep. I was just thinking about the prospect of going back to one of the open mics I used to go to and fretting about whether I can persuade anyone to come with me but then I thought – if not, I’ll just chat with the other musicians, and I’d look forward to that as well. I need to think about when I can put in time to learn new songs over the weekend and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to lay out clothes for the gig and have Thursday’s gym kit and work clothes ready to go… Get through this first week of gigs and workouts, get through one day at a time and do what I can.


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