19 February 2015


(Picture from yesterday, obviously as today it’s bucketing down outside!)

Ahh little blog, I have neglected you! It always seems to happen that I neglect you when I’m at my busiest and could have benefited most from the update!

One thing that’s been working really well for me this year is to have two monthly blocks of things under each major goal-heading (fortunately I am running on an extremely simple list of two this year!) – one project that I am actively working on (A) and one that I am planning for next month (B). At the end of the month, the idea is that project A is complete and project B moves up to become project A, and a new endeavour starts to form as project B. I can’t really see beyond more than a month ahead at the moment as things are so unpredictable and I don’t want to limit my vision – I’d rather let the year evolve as opportunity will allow – but the next step always seems to be ready to prepare itself. This approach is really helping me focus and having a project in the planning phase gives me something to do when my active projects are under control.


Music projects
(A) – get the album finished
(B) – plan for gigging (metric is 2x week) and promotion

Health projects
(A) – set three-month plans and make a solid start on month 1 targets
(B) – make the most of month two before archery starts taking up my time!


Music projects
(A) gig as much as I can in different settings until I feel totally comfortable on stage (plus side project of promoting the album to radios and magazines) (2x week is already a minimum – I get depressed if I have a week’s break between gigs)
(B) research opportunities/venues for getting my “own” gigs and see how many I can book (metric is 1x week, I have booked 2 for March and one for April so far)

Health projects
(A) – make the most of Feb and hit month 2 targets. I’ve completed the transition from km to mile swims and target distance for Feb. Do first road runs, make the most of gym training as will probably not make 3 sessions a week in March. Continue with escalating treadmill speed programme and DO NOT GIVE UP – you never know when it’ll suddenly just get easier!
(B) – will be doing 4-week archery course in March as well as completing my running programme ready to start outdoor “running season” in April. Strength and swimming may move down to 2x week each as a result.

I only have very vague ideas of what could happen from April onwards but that also depends on the March goals,
the completion of which is not yet assured – so will just try to focus on the present.

As a matter of lifestyle shift, getting a gig a week in my own name (with people coming to see me and resulting in me selling music!) and continuing to workout 6x a week with outdoor 5k runs for the summer and 1 mile swims, strength training and a newly-aquired occasional hobby of archery thrown in the mix – that looks a lot closer to my ideal than where I was.


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